Spencerport and Rochester NY Pet Grooming, Spa Packages and Pet Sitting

A Gentle Touch Pet Care provides dog and cat grooming, skin and coat treatments and pet sitting. Call 585-352-6841!

All Breed Dog & Cat Grooming

Pet Grooming ServiceA Gentle Touch Pet Care Service offers a wide variety of grooming services in the Spencerport and Rochester, NY Area. We provide all breed dog and cat grooming. We use state-of-the-art equipment for the safety and comfort of your pet. Pricing is based on the breed, condition of the coat, and temperament of the pet.  Appointments are accepted daytime, evening, or Saturday for flexibility to our clients.

Spa Packages

Request a brochure for more details on each package. Please request the Shed-Less and Spa packages at time of booking the appointment for us to allow enough time. Call us for more information.

Skin/Coat Treatments

Dog Washing and GroomingDoes your pet have dry skin? Are they constantly itching? Our skin and coat treatments will help to relieve dry skin problems, control itching and flaking, and reduce shedding. Treatments heal skin, deodorize and condition coat. Call us today for more information.

Pet Sitting In Your Home

Pet sitting includes 1/2 hour of professional and loving care, mail and newspaper pick-up, watering a couple of plants and rotating lights, if desired. Prices start at $16 per visit and vary according to number of pets per visit, location (miles from salon), and any special needs. Medications may be administered for $2.50 each treatment. There is an additional charge for certain holidays. Call for a free orientation visit. We offer pet sitting in the comfort of your home. In home pet sitting reduces stress, ensures no travel trauma for your pet, keeps your normal diet and exercise routine, no exposure to health concerns of other animals and gives you peace of mind!

Products & Service Pricing:

(Note: prices are in ADDITION to the normal grooming price)


Tooth Brushing $5.00

Skin/Coat Treatments $5.00 - $8.00

Shed-Less Treatment $13.00 - $15.00

Spa Packages

Ultimate Spa (refreshing and purifying) $9.00

Renew Spa (deep moisture, revitalizing) $6.00

Comfort Spa (calming, soothing to dry irritated skin, comforting) $5.00

Puppy Spa $3.00


Pet Sitting In Your Home (Prices are per visit)

1-2 Pets

0-5 Miles $16.00

6-10 Miles $18.50

11-15 Miles $21.00

3-4 Pets

0-5 Miles $18.50

6-10 Miles $21.00

11-15 Miles $23.50

5-6 Pets

0-5 Miles $21.00

6-10 Miles $23.50

11-15 Miles $26.00

7-8 Pets

0-5 Miles $23.50

6-10 Miles $26.00

11-15 Miles $28.50

NOTE:  Please provide your rabies vaccination records.